How to fix KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR Windows 11

How to fix KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR error Windows 11

Blue Screen is one of the most common errors in Windows. The error is caused by a hardware problem: hard disk, SSD or RAM.


If a blue screen with an error appears, you can also see the error code:

0x0000007A – file access errors.
0×0000009C and 0xC000016A – HDD or SSD errors, damaged sectors.
0xC000009D – HDD or SSD connection issues, damaged connection cables, drive failure.
0xC0000185 – I/O errors, probably HDD or SSD connection issues: badly connected or damaged cables, bad connectors.



  • Recheck the connection of the drives.
  • Disconnect and reconnect the drive.
  • Remove the RAM modules, wipe the pins, reinstall the modules.
  • Check the hard disk system disk: not only the file system, but also damaged sectors.
  • Check the RAM for errors.
  • Check and restore system files.
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