How to fix Unbale to find a suitable graphics card error in Windows

How to Unbale to find a suitable graphics card error in Windows

When running some games, you may encounter an error such as “No suitable graphics card found”. This is most common in Terraria or Stardew Valley.


Video card drivers:

  • Download drivers for your video card from the official NVIDIA or AMD website.
  • If you have integrated graphics from Intel, download drivers from the Intel website.



  • Download the DirectX installer from the official website.
  • Run it and go through all the steps.
  • This will automatically download and install any missing DirectX DLLs.


No suitable graphics card found Terraria (No suitable graphics card found Stardew Valley):

  • Delete the game configuration file (Terraria – config.dat, which can be found in the Documents folder\Terraria).
  • Disconnect the second monitor.
  • Try changing the screen resolution to a lower one.
  • Install .NET Framework 4 and Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable0.
  • If the game was installed in Steam, in the properties of the game you can try to check the integrity of the game files in the tab “Local Files”.
  • In the video card management software, try to adjust settings focusing on performance, change colour (set to 16-bit), and disable HDR mode in the screen settings.
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