How to convert YouTube video to text

How to convert YouTube video to text

How can I get a text transcript of a YouTube video? Such a need may arise in different cases when it is necessary to make a transcription of the video or its separate time segments, to see the translation of the video phrases in a foreign language not understood while watching it, etc.


If the video supports subtitles, it’s easy to get a transcript. If not, then you have to resort to transcription tools.

Many YouTube videos are subtitled so that users from other countries can include translation. More often the subtitles are automatically generated, therefore not of the best quality, with unrelated speech in places.

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Transcript on YouTube:

  • On the clip page, click the menu with three dots.
  • Click “View video transcript”.
  • You will see the transcript in the panel to the right of the playing video.
  • If you want to get a clean transcription (without timestamps).
  • The subtitle bar itself also has a three-dot menu.
  • There is only one option, it hides/expands the time codes.